Strategic Alliances, Media & Business Development

Strategic Alliances, Media & Business Development - SAMBD


 Our SAMBD ®* Bundled Service Package is augmented as Strategic Alliances, Media & Business Development Package.  SAMBD helps our clients to achieve goals by forming a brand image and by effective marketing. 

The preliminary steps include Marketing Surveys, Advanced Market Research & Analysis and lay out of a strategic plan to proceed. 

The Second Stage is of creating a Brand Image in the Market, in this step we start the process of Marketing based on the strategic plan that shall include content marketing, digital marketing, television commercials, etc.Such branding results in increase in the market share of a company. Expenses incurred on such marketing campaigns and advertising are charged as actual on competitive rates in addition to the monthly retainers. 

We create management strategies for the Company based on research and analysis of determinant factors; we provide recurrent advisory to our clients to help them excel with efficacy. 

Such Band Image helps our client’s company to form a shield around them that restricts the competitors to enter into their market hold. 

Thus, resulting in a competition free market.  

  Corporate Retainer is a recurring fee that is paid on monthly basis, such retainers help in reducing and cutting down of day to day petty expenditure, reduces burden of work , helps in seeking regular expert advice, expands global reach through corporate tie-ups and keeps the client aware and updated of market positions and status regularly.