About Us

A Premier Global Company


Cistula Tulipp is a premier global company focused on value creation and growth across a broad range of sectors like Film & TV Production, Financial & Media Consultancy, Investments & Real Estate and Project Research & Development. Our portfolio consists of services in private and public equity companies, real estate and alternative asset classes across several industry verticals and geographies. We have helped investors invest in and back some of the world’s leading brands, concepts, companies and management teams to create a truly exceptional platform that we continue to develop with a firm belief that there is a huge opportunity for further growth. We provide and map investments for prospective business ideas & opportunities , we either invest or root investments in projects that are capable to generate revenue .Cistula Tulipp's portfolio has been established based on the most optimal way to participate including major and minor advisory & consultancy, joint ventures and partnerships, media planning, film & TV line production and Design R&D, We are focused on actively managing the portfolio and work closely with management teams, shareholders, partners and co-investors to maximize value together.

Film & TV


Our Film & TV Productions function under banner of Golden Tulip Films, Line Producers Global and Golden Tulip Satellite Television; with experience of over 30 years and having produced over 3000 hours of programmes for international   companies.   



Our Investment portfolio includes an array of investments in the sectors of real estate, hospitality, start-ups & themed amusement. That includes the investment mapping of India's largest Entertainment + Amusement city with mapped estimations of over 2.1Billion USD.  




The media and entertainment industries are in the midst of sweeping digital transformations as advances in technology and infrastructure continue to reshape how, where and when content and information are consumed. We help our clients capitalize on this disruption based on our extensive cross-sector expertise within the industries: we've worked with 7 of 10 global diversified media and entertainment companies. Media Consultancy at our group function under Mike Berry Consultancy headed by Group president Mr. Mike Berry himself.     



From banking and insurance to wealth management and securities distribution, We have dedicated financial services teams serving all major areas of the financial services industry. Our work draws on experience in the field and the expertise of our Executive Director Mr. Karan Berry & Mr. Vikesh Mehta ,Our group has deep expertise in financial services, but we also look beyond the industry and draw upon our capabilities experience. We tailor these offerings to the needs of our financial services clients to help them solve problems or pursue opportunities in many areas.   

Project Management

Research & Development


Cistula Tulipp provides services of extensive research on prospective projects specialising in research based on procedures and processes of structuring, designing and construction of healing resorts and other estate projects.     

Planning & Coordination


 We provide planning & coordination services for our clients in real estate & hospitality sector. This involves tie ups with international industry leaders and our role starts from laying foundation and extends until he project is inaugurated.    

Amusement Industry

Theme Park


We provide solutions for designing and constructing themed amusement parks for our clients with support and collaboration with industry leaders. Presently we are involved in planning & development of Entertainment city in the national capital region of India with estimated cost of 2.1 Billion USD. 

Water Park


We provide solutions for designing and constructing water parks for our clients with support and collaboration with industry leaders.  

Healing Resorts

Luxury Ayurveda


We at Cistula Tulipp strive to collaborate with world's leading luxurious ayurvedic product manufacturers so that our clients can experience a combination of luxury, tradition and ayurveda.

Rejuvenation Centres


Our healing resorts includes the seven chakra rejuvenation therapy for optimal function of mind, body and soul.

Ayurvedic Clinical Nutrition


We collaborate with experienced ayurvedic dieticians who provide our clients with ayuvedic clinical nutrition. An Ayurvedic diet is an eating plan that provides guidelines for when you eat, what you eat, and how you eat to boost your health, prevent or manage disease, and maintain wellness. 

Natural Therapies


Our Natural therapists work within the field of health care to provide patients with treatments and medicines based on natural techniques and remedies. Natural therapists can work in a variety of specific fields, including naturopathic medicine, aromatherapy, massage therapy, homeopathic medicine, and many others.